Iftar Politics: After Nitish Kumar, JDU’s Dawat-e-Iftar today, what will BJP say now?

Iftar is necessary after fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, because fasting is complete with this. Meanwhile, the era of political Iftar party is in full swing in Bihar. After the Iftar party organized by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar at CM residence on Friday, JDU is going to organize Iftar party at Haj House on Saturday. In such a situation, the question is arising that what will BJP say now?

On Friday, BJP leaders protested fiercely at Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s Iftar party. Leader of Opposition Vijay Kumar Sinha said that Bihar is burning in the fire of violence and the Chief Minister is giving a feast. BJP accused Nitish Kumar of appeasement politics. The Chief Minister’s Iftar party was boycotted by the party. Earlier, there was a political uproar in Bihar regarding the CM’s iftari under the ramparts of the Red Fort. AIMIM supremo Asaduddin Owaisi also made a scathing attack on Nitish Kumar for attending an Iftar party amidst the ongoing violence in Bihar.

Dawat-e-Iftar: No BJP leader reached CM’s Iftar party, what did Nitish Kumar say?

Today on Saturday, Iftar party is being organized by Janata Dal United. Preparations are also being made for this at the Haj Bhawan in Patna. Apart from the party leaders, photographs of the Chief Minister have also been displayed in the banner-poster. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on this Iftari as well. It remains to be seen who will be in the list of guests arriving in it. All the opposition parties are keeping a close watch on this party.

Tejashwi Yadav attended Nitish’s Iftar party, BJP kept distance, Chirag Paswan also did not reach

The big question is, what will BJP say on today’s Iftar party? It is being told that BJP has also been invited to participate in it. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the stand of the BJP as to what stand the party takes today.

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Tomorrow on April 9, the party is going to be organized by RJD. Preparations are in full swing for the Iftar party to be held at Rabri Devi’s residence in Patna. Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav is overseeing the preparations. It is important to mention that last year, the trend of Bihar’s politics changed on the occasion of Iftar party at Rabri Devi residence. Nitish Kumar was the Chief Minister in the government with BJP. Suddenly he reached the Iftar party at Rawdi Devi’s residence and there the script of the coup in Bihar was written.

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