If the mobile number is not linked to the gas connection, do not get upset, DAC is not mandatory for the cylinder.

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There is no need to get upset if a consumer’s mobile number is not linked to the gas connection. Public sector oil companies have postponed the delivery authentication code (DAC), which is mandatory on November 1. About 30 percent of LPG consumers are already using it.

A senior public sector oil company official said that the DAC will continue, but will not be mandatory. For example, if a consumer’s mobile number is not linked with a gas connection, then DAC will not come on his mobile. Apart from this, many consumers have also changed their numbers. In such a situation, in view of all the technical problems, the decision to make the DAC compulsory has been postponed.

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Earlier, companies had made it mandatory for consumers to show DAC code from November 1 for delivery of LPG cylinders in Delhi-NCR and hundred smart cities. This DAC code is sent to the registered mobile number of the consumer after booking the cylinder.

Its purpose was to stop black marketing of LPG cylinders. With this, the demand to repair the system for five kg and 19 kg commercial gas cylinders is increasing. People associated with the area say that there is no restriction on the 19 kg gas cylinder. Companies are directly providing cylinders at cheaper prices. In such a situation, arrangements should be made for five and 19 kg commercial cylinders.

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