If the demand for dowry is not met, the married woman has crossed all limits, being held hostage for 15 days, terrible torture; Mother-in-law arrested

In Ridol village of Jakhanidhar block of New Tehri, a married woman was brutally beaten up by her in-laws for not fulfilling the demand for dowry. It is alleged that for 15 days, the victim woman was taken hostage and subjected to horrific torture. The victim’s mother has filed a complaint at the New Tehri police station on assault and dowry harassment against the in-laws.

The SSP said that the police have arrested the mother-in-law and sister-in-law of the victim in the case. After getting the victim’s medical done, she has been sent to Coronation Hospital, Dehradun for treatment. A woman from Ridol village of Jakhanidhar block of Tehri district was married 10 years ago with Anoop Jaguri resident of Jeevangarh Vikasnagar Dehradun.

Saraswati Devi, the mother of the victim married, told in the Tahrir given at the New Tehri police station that since her marriage, her daughter has been beaten up for dowry from time to time by her mother-in-law Subhadra Devi and sister-in-law Jaya Jagudi. Told that in the year 2017, when his daughter was assaulted by her in-laws’ side, her daughter came to her maternal home.

After which the father-in-law of the victim came to his village Ridol and took his daughter to her in-laws’ house by giving a written agreement. But even after this, the assault on the married woman continued. The victim’s mother alleged that on Friday, 16 September, along with her son Jitendra, she went to her in-laws’ house Vikasnagar to know about the condition of the daughter, then the mother-in-law of the daughter told that her daughter was fine and did not allow her to meet her.

After a forced attempt, Jitendra and his mother went inside the house to meet the daughter, they found her lying unconscious in the kitchen. There were also marks of being fired from the pan on his body. The victim’s mother somehow took him to her village Ridol. On Monday, along with village head Manoj Raturi, the victim woman and her mother Saraswati Devi and many villagers reached the SSP office. SSP Navneet Bhullar immediately directed the Vikasnagar police to arrest the mother-in-law and sister-in-law of the victim in the case.

Preeti has two sons and a daughter

The victim woman told that she has two sons and a daughter. The eldest son is nine, daughter eight and a son four years old, who are in his in-laws’ house. He told that his father-in-law Devendra Jagudi works in ITBP. While her husband Anoop Jagudi does not do any work. But, the aggrieved woman has not lodged any complaint with the police against her husband.

Women’s commission took cognizance of the victim

State Women’s Commission Chairperson Kusum Kandwal has also taken immediate cognizance of the painful beating incident of a victim woman of Rindol village of Pratapnagar in the district, being held hostage for 15 days in Vikasnagar, Dehradun. Kandwal has directed the police officers to take prompt action against the accused. In the case, SSP Navneet Singh Bhullar said that as soon as the matter came to the notice, the police took quick action and arrested the accused. The victim has been sent to Coronation Hospital, Dehradun. Treatment has also been started. The Women’s Commission has also directed the doctors of Coronation Hospital and the high officers of the police to cooperate fully with the woman.

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