I wish you this way … the doctor got the corona vaccine alone, then the wife started calling the class, the live video went viral

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Delhi a senior and well-known doctor got the corona vaccine alone, then the wife put a class on his phone. During the time when the doctor was scolding his wife, he was live and their conversation was also recorded. Now that video has gone viral on social media. The video is of Doctor KK Aggarwal, a renowned cardiologist and honored with Padma Shri. Another video of him has surfaced in which he is taking a head massage during a webinar.

It is shown in the video that Dr. Aggarwal is sitting in a car and during this time he is in a live session. During this time, his wife gets a call that asks if he went to get the vaccine. The doctor says that when he went to find out, it was said that if he is empty now, get it installed.

On hearing this, the wife gets very angry and asks why he did not take her along. In response to this, Dr. Sahab repeatedly tells that on Monday, he too will get vaccinated. He only went to find out but was vaccinated. Everyone else will be engaged on Monday. It can be heard in the video that his wife is saying, “You are very strange, you could not take us along?” Why didn’t you take me with you? ”

Doctor KK Aggarwal can be heard saying that I had just gone to find out, he said, get it done now. His wife says, “Don’t make excuses.” Don’t lie to me. “That’s when the doctor realizes that he is live, then says to the wife,” I am live now, I talk later. “This increases his wife’s anger even more. Before disconnecting the phone, she says, “I just come live and wish for you.”

Doctor KK Aggarwal has reacted to this video on his Twitter handle and said that he knows that this video is being watched a lot. He said that it showed that his wife was concerned about his health and safety. Doctor KK Aggarwal wrote, “I know that my video is going viral. I am happy that during this difficult time I was able to give some light moments. ”

People are sharing funny videos on social media sharing the video of the conversation between KK Aggarwal and his wife. A Twitter user Tarun Shukla wrote, “Doctor KK Aggarwal got the vaccine without a wife. Note: Never pick up the phone if you are live on TV.