I understand your pain, Russian President Vladimir Putin met the mothers of soldiers fighting in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin met on Friday with the mothers of soldiers fighting the war in Ukraine. During this he said that I understand your pain. There is no greater pain in the world than losing your child. Putin said that not only me, the country’s leadership understands your pain. I want you to know this too. Mother’s Day will be celebrated in Russia this Sunday. Earlier, Putin met the mothers of 18 soldiers.

Do not trust TV-Internet

In February this year, Russia attacked Ukraine. According to America, thousands of soldiers of both countries have either been killed or injured in this war. This was the first such meeting since Putin launched the war. The meeting with the soldiers’ mothers took place at Putin’s residence. During the meeting, Putin also asked not to believe what is said on the Internet and TV. Let us inform that the anger of the people in Russia regarding the ongoing war with Ukraine is very high.

Concern over Kremlin’s decision

On the other hand, after an announcement by the Kremlin in September, the concerns of the people had increased further. In this announcement, the Kremlin asked the country to send trained and armed civilians to help the army fighting in Ukraine. However, the risk of sending so many people to the war front without training was too high and the Kremlin realized this mistake.

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