I dream to become PM wearing hijab one day, if you like, you can wear bikini: Owaisi

I dream to become PM wearing hijab one day, if you like, you can wear bikini: Owaisi

Supreme Court judges are divided on the ban on hijab in educational institutions in Karnataka. Now this case will be heard by a larger bench, but in the meantime Asaduddin Owaisi has made a scathing remark on those opposing the hijab. Owaisi said, ‘When I say that it is my dream that one day the PM of this country becomes a hijab wearer, then many people have a headache and stomach ache. Why shouldn’t I say so? it’s my dream. what’s wrong with that. But you say that one should not wear hijab. What should I wear then? Bikini? You have the right to wear it too. But why do you want my daughters not to wear hijab and I should shave off my beard?

The Hyderabad MP said that if a Muslim girl wears a hijab, it does not mean that she lacks intellect. Do we force little girls to wear hijab, are we really forcing girls? Owaisi said that if you come to Hyderabad you will see that the most infamous drivers here are our sisters. One can never take the risk of taking a car behind them. This is my personal experience. I have asked my driver to drive carefully. You sit on the back of a girl’s bike and then see if any pressure is put on them.

Do we put pressure on girls, Owaisi asked

Owaisi said that we are being accused that we are pressurizing the girls. After all, who is afraid of whom in today’s world? He once again compared the hijab to symbols of Hindus, Sikhs and Christians. When Hindu, Sikh and Christian students are allowed to enter with their symbols, then why are Muslims stopped, he said. If this happens, what will they think about Muslims? The only message that will go to them is that Muslims are below us. To this, BJP leader CT Ravi said that Owaisi supports extremism, which will not work in India.

BJP surrounded by mentioning bin Laden and Taliban

CT Ravi said, ‘I want to ask Owaisi, do you support Taliban, which promotes terrorism in the name of Quran? Do you support bin Laden who increased terrorism in the name of Allah? Many people are increasing terrorism in the name of Allah, but it will not be allowed in India.

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