‘I didn’t ask Rakhi to wear burqa or hijab, but I am a Muslim, I also want to see my religion’

Rakhi was seen in short or bold dress, till now it seemed a common thing, but now everyone is shocked if Rakhi is seen in full covered dress. Because the second name of boldness in the industry has been Rakhi Sawant. After all, what has happened that now Rakhi has left her glam look and is seen in simple covered dresses. According to reports, her businessman boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani does not want Rakhi to be seen roaming around in short dresses.

‘Adil and his family do not like me to wear glamorous clothes’

These days Rakhi Sawant is more in discussions about her personal life than her work, especially since Adil’s entry in her life. Rakhi is very happy to have Adil’s support, she has mentioned about it many times. Rakhi is so deeply in love with Adil that she is probably ready to pay any price to be with Adil. This is the reason why she is making changes in her lifestyle according to Adil. Even Rakhi now wears clothes of Adil’s choice. These days the simple girl seen in glam doll herself has revealed that Adil and his family do not like to wear glamorous clothes. So they have started wearing covered clothes.

Crying after seeing short dress while shopping

Rakhi, who reached with Adil at the launch event of their song ‘Tu Mere Dil Mein Rehne Ke Liyak Nahi’, discussed the changes in life after their relationship. Rakhi told that when she goes for shopping and she sees a short dress, she starts crying. Not only this, Rakhi told that when she sees a girl in a short or revealing dress, then she gets very jealous seeing her. Rakhi further said that because she does not want to lose Adil in any way nor does he want to give any sorrow to his family. So he is happy to accept his words.

I didn’t ask Rakhi to wear burqa or hijab: Adil

When Adil was asked that to what extent is it right to change Rakhi’s dressing sense? So he said that I did not ask Rakhi to be in any burqa or hijab, but changing clothes will not change Rakhi, she will remain the same Rakhi. Adil further said that I never forced Rakhi about clothes, but I did convince her to wear covered clothes because she used to wear very strange loose open clothes earlier. Adil further said that if I have joined Rakhi, it does not mean that I have forgotten my religion or I have left my religion. I come from Muslim background, I have to walk after seeing my family.

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