‘I am a Hindu, what will I do if I don’t do Hindutva’, Arvind Kejriwal said even on the demand of photo on the notes

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has clarified his stand on the issue of ‘Hindutva’. He said that he does not ask for votes only in the name of Hindutva. Along with this, he also discussed the demand for pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses on the notes. AAP seems very busy in Delhi MCD and Gujarat assembly elections.

During an interview, Kejriwal responded to allegations that he was ‘taking the Hindutva route of the BJP’ while campaigning in Gujarat. On this he said, ‘I am a Hindu, if I do not do Hindutva then what else will I do.’ During this, he also reiterated the demand for the pictures of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on the notes and alleged that only the BJP had opposed it.

BJP encircled on the photos of deities on notes

He said, ‘…as soon as I said this, the BJP started abusing us. Only BJP opposed it, no one else. I don’t understand what is the problem. Indonesia is a Muslim-majority country, but they are putting Ganesha’s picture on the currency, no one is protesting there.

He said, ‘I have appealed to the people of Gujarat to vote for AAP and not Congress or AAP. I do not seek votes only in the name of Hindutva. People have high hopes from you and I am a patriotic citizen who is capable of making a difference at the national level when it comes to schools and hospitals. I can provide mohalla clinics in every part of the country.

Matters on Leaders

Kejriwal alleged that most of his MLAs have been falsely implicated in the case. He said that he does not want negative politics, wants the work of the people to be done. The AAP leader said, ‘I have read the papers and the case against Satyendar Jain is fake. They have implicated most of my MLAs in cases. He has alleged that Manish Sisodia is the kingpin in the liquor policy case, but his name is nowhere in the charge sheet. Due to the complexity of the ED proceedings, Jain could not get bail. This is the dirty face of politics. People want work, not negative politics. We will win both Delhi and Gujarat.

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