Hyderabad Honor Killing: Muslim wife sold her gold chain for Eid shopping, Nagaraju left office early


B Nagaraju, who was the victim of honor killing in Hyderabad, may have been separated from his wife Syed Asreen Sultana forever, but the love between the two was true. Even Nagaraju had sold his gold chain to get a gift to Sultana on Eid. Nagaraju used to work as a sales executive in a car showroom. The HR manager here K Satish said, he came to know about Nagaraju’s marriage recently.


He said, Nagaraju had told him about his gold chain, which he had sold for Rs 25,000. K Satish tells that Nagaraju had said that he wants to take his wife to Charminar for Eid shopping. So he sold his gold chain.

Had left early on Wednesday from the showroom

K Satish told that Nagaraju often left for home only after changing office clothes, but on Wednesday he was getting late. He had to take his wife for shopping. So he left in office clothes. He had told that he was going to pick up his wife from his sister’s house. During this, Nagaraju was attacked and he was put to death. Hyderabad Police has arrested two main accused in this case, Asreen’s brother Mubeen Ahmed Syed and another relative M Masood Ahmed.

Married on 31st January

Nagaraju married 23-year-old Sultana alias Pallavi on January 31. Nagaraju belonged to another religion, so Sultana’s family members were angry with him. On Wednesday, May 4, Nagaraju was going somewhere on a bike with his wife Sultana in Saroornagar, Hyderabad. Then two of Sultana’s brothers attacked Nagaraju with a knife and a rod. During this, Sultana kept begging for mercy, but she did not listen and Nagaraju was murdered on the middle road.