Humanity: Ukraine collecting bodies of Russian soldiers, kept in air-conditioned train, waiting to send bus to families


The bodies of Russian soldiers killed during the war in Ukraine are kept in an air-conditioned train parked at a rail yard on the outskirts of the capital. Among them are the bodies of hundreds of others, who are waiting to be sent to their families. Most of these have been brought from the Kyiv region, while the rest from Chernohiv and other areas. Wearing a head-to-toe protective suit, Chief Civil-Military Liaison Officer Voldomir Lemzin said air-conditioned trains parked at stations in other regions are also being used for the same purpose.


So far no reliable source has been able to get information about how many Russian soldiers have been killed in the war, but it is clear that it has been a bitter experience for President Putin. A day earlier, Ukraine had released a picture of a river in the Donbass region, which was attacked and destroyed by a Russian armored squad trying to cross it. The main battle is now going on in the Donbas area. Britain has reported an attack on an armored squad attempting to cross the river via the pontoon bridge.

Russia will take precautionary measures if NATO builds nuclear infrastructure near the border

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Gurshko has warned that Russia will take adequate precautionary measures as a precaution if NATO countries build nuclear infrastructure near their border or deploy specialist troops. The Interfax agency quoted Gushko as saying, “It will be necessary to respond in these circumstances.” Russia has no ill-will towards Finland and Sweden.

There is no real reason for these two countries to become members of NATO. He reiterated the Kremlin’s earlier statement that Russia’s response to a possible NATO expansion will depend on the kind of military infrastructure it builds near its border. Finland announced its application for NATO membership on Friday. Sweden is also likely to follow suit.

More than seven million Ukrainian refugees arrive in Germany

More than 700,000 refugees have reached Germany so far due to the miseries that have arisen after the war in Ukraine. The Walt Am Sontag newspaper has published this news quoting the Ministry of Home Affairs. Since the start of the war on 24 February, 727,205 people have been named in Germany’s Central Register for Foreigners as of 11 May. Of these, 93 percent have Ukrainian citizenship. Of these, about 40 percent are women and children.

Support for Ukraine’s integrity in US-ASEAN joint statement

US President Joe Biden said that the meeting with the Association of Southeast Nations (ASEAN) has opened a new era in the relationship between the two. After the two-day meeting, the 10-member ASEAN and the US issued a 28-point statement. On Ukraine, he spoke of sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity. The statement, however, did not name Russia for the February 24 attack.

G-7 warns, if Ukrainian grain does not reach, starvation will surround 50 million people

The G-7 countries have warned that a war in Ukraine will lead to a worldwide food and energy crisis, threatening poor countries. Therefore, there is an urgent need to open Ukraine’s food reserves. German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock, host of diplomats from G-7 countries, said war has become a global crisis. 50 million people will face starvation in the coming months, especially in Africa and the Middle East, if the way to deliver food from Ukraine is not found.

In a statement issued after the three-day meeting, the G-7 pledged to provide humanitarian aid to the vulnerable. At the same time, the G-7 warned China to obey international sanctions and not justify the attack. China should also not help Russia in the war while respecting the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, he said.