How is Aftab Poonawala looking calm after the ordeal? There are strings attached to Depp-Heard’s divorce.

The investigation into the Shraddha Walker murder case continues. At present, the polygraph test of the accused Aftab Amin Poonawala has been done. It is being said that he remained calm during the test. Although, this is not the first time, some news also came earlier that Aftab is not looking worried. Also remained calm during interrogation. It is being said that there is still no change in his behavior. The question arises that why the beast who cut his companion into 35 pieces does not feel remorse?

It is reported that Aftab allegedly did research on the behavior of celebrities during the case. During that time the accused read about several famous murder trials and cases and gathered information on the behavior during the investigation. Aftab read things like Hollywood celebs Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s divorce case on the internet to how behavior affects the investigation.

According to a Times of India report, when Aftab was asked about his internet search history, he reportedly told the police that this information helped him to remain calm during the investigation. Quoting sources in the report, it has been told that internet search of the accused has revealed that he had done a lot of research on criminal cases.

According to the report, a police source said, ‘Her latest searches were related to the behavior of people during stress. Also, he had seen a lot on Depp and Heard’s divorce case. Sources said he remained calm during the polygraph test and was not worried.

keep eating in peace

Sources in Tihar Jail confirmed that Aftab is sleeping peacefully, eating food and talking to fellow inmates. A policeman said, ‘The kind of calmness he is showing in different situations could be because of the research he did after killing Shraddha. He has deleted some internet searches from his phone.

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