How dangerous is ‘One China Policy’? China’s atrocities on women in Tibet, jails filled

China claims not only Taiwan but also Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang for the ‘One China Policy’. At the same time, the human rights of women are being played with in Chinese-occupied Tibet. The situation is getting worse here. Here it is not too late to put women in jails who raise their voice against Xi Jinping or the Communist regime.

According to the report of a human rights organization ‘Taibetan Watch’ in Dharamsala, Norjin Wangmo, a woman from Kirgil, was arrested for giving some information to exile Tibetans. He was sentenced to three years’ rigorous imprisonment. When she was released from prison, she had reached an ‘inferior’ condition. Seeing their condition, the atrocities that took place in the prison could be guessed. There were bruises all over his body.

Releases women by bringing them to a degenerate condition

According to the report, he was released from jail in May 2020. His condition had become such that it seemed impossible to improve his health even with treatment. At the same time, according to another news of Tibet.Net, two Tibetan sisters named Yudan and Zumkar were arrested from Tsarang village of Amdo County. He was arrested for celebrating the birthday of the Dalai Lama.

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China gets irritated with these things

According to reports, China causes a lot of plight to the accused of alleged political crimes in jail. He is released from prison before they die. According to Tibetan media, China commits a lot of atrocities on Tibetan women. If a woman takes part in a protest, or puts up a poster of the Dalai Lama, it is not too late to arrest her. Apart from this, if a woman refuses to send her children to communist school, she is also treated badly.

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Schools built for children’s brainwash

China has built schools to brainwash children in Tibet. Here children are taught the lessons of communist ideology and devotion to China. In April, a 6 UN Human Rights expert issued a joint statement saying that China was keeping Tibetans in detention camps. There was also talk of arrest of a woman. Reports say that the Chinese administration tries to create an atmosphere of fear among Tibetans. He leaves no stone unturned to isolate people’s family and neighbours.

Some reports say that China also insists that Tibetan women be married to Chinese citizens. They are then forced to give up their Tibetan identity. However, even after so many atrocities, Tibetan women have proved that they are not going to give up. They oppose it every day without kneeling in front of China’s tyranny.

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