How an 18-year-old boy saved 75 lives in Maharashtra, read his encouraging story

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A major accident averted in the Kopar area of ​​Dombivli from Mumbai, the country’s financial capital. Where, on Thursday morning, a two-storey building collapsed. At the time the building collapsed, around 75 people were in it and all of them are safe. 18-year-old Kunal Mohite has a habit of waking up late at night to save these 75 people safely.

Kunal was also in the same building but late in the night he was awake and watching the web series. Kunal has told that he usually falls asleep after watching the web series till 2 pm but he could not sleep that night. Gradually it was 4 in the morning. Then part of the kitchen of his house suddenly started falling. In a hurry, Kunal woke up the family members and informed the rest.

As soon as all the people were reported to have fallen the building, they all came out at all times and all of them survived safely and after seeing the building collapsed. According to the media report, it has also been learned that the building which had fallen was declared as dangerous nine months ago and was asked to vacate the house after pasting the notice. Regarding the status of the building, Kunal has said that the notice was received, but all are poor, where will they leave the building.

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