Hottest day of this year in Delhi, mercury will rise in these 10 states; crossed 34 degrees

In about 10 states of North India including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, till now there was respite from the heat, which seems to be ending now. On Sunday, the maximum temperature in Delhi crossed 34.8 degree Celsius. This was the maximum temperature of this year in Delhi. Not only this, the heat can take a severe form in the coming days. In the last week of March and early April, the temperature was slightly lower due to the rains, which have now started rising gradually. Earlier, till April 2, the temperature remained only up to 30 degree Celsius. The Meteorological Department says that the temperature is going to increase in a total of 10 states including UP, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan and Delhi.

After this, the maximum temperature had crossed 32 on the 3rd and has remained around 34 degree Celsius since April 7. Even after this, it is a matter of relief that the temperature remains low during the night. The minimum temperature was 15.7 degree Celsius on Monday morning. Apart from this, it was 15.4 degree Celsius on Sunday. Meanwhile, the forecast of the Meteorological Department is going to raise some concern. The Meteorological Department says that by April 15, the temperature can rise up to 38 degrees Celsius. It is clear that by the end of this week the heat may increase and the relief that was received till now may end.

The Meteorological Department says that today the maximum temperature can be up to 35 degree Celsius. It may reach 37 on Wednesday and it is likely that the temperature will reach 38 degree Celsius by Saturday. However, it is a matter of some relief that the scorching sun will not be there for most of the days and it will be cloudy. However, there can be a difference of about half in the minimum and maximum temperature. The Meteorological Department says that by April 15, the minimum temperature will be up to 18 degrees Celsius, while the maximum will be up to 38.

How is there relief from rain from March to April

Let us tell you that in the month of March and April till now people have got more or less respite from the heat. Due to intermittent rains and cloudy weather, the temperature in March did not cross 30 degree Celsius. Apart from this, there has been relief from the continuation of rains even in the early days of April, which seems to be ending now. Experts say that due to the activation of Western Disturbance, there has been relief till now, which may end in the coming days. The Meteorological Department says that the maximum temperature during April to June may be above normal.

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