Holiday on Sheikh ends, holiday in memory of Hari Singh, Abdullah vs Maharaja again in Kashmir

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has declared a public holiday on 23 September to mark the birth anniversary of Maharaja Hari Singh. The government says that now every year it will be a holiday. An official notice in this regard will be issued soon. LG Manoj Sinha made this announcement after meeting representatives and leaders of many organizations including Yuva Rajput Sabha, Transport Union. Sinha said, “The government has decided to declare the birth anniversary of Maharaja Hari Singh as a public holiday. Maharaja Hari Singh was a great educationist, progressive thinker, social reformer and a man of high ideals. Declaring a public holiday would be a true tribute to the legacy of the Maharaja.

After Ghulam, now Karan Singh will also be ‘free’ from Congress, said – I have no relation anymore

With this decision, a long cycle of politics in Jammu and Kashmir has been completed and history seems to be repeating itself. In 2019, after the reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir and the removal of Article 370, the government canceled public holidays to be held on the birth anniversary and death anniversary of Sheikh Abdullah. During the country’s independence, there were deep differences between Maharaja Hari Singh and Sheikh Abdullah. Even Jawaharlal Nehru had put a condition regarding the merger of Jammu and Kashmir that you have to transfer the governance to Sheikh Abdullah. During that time Sheikh Abdullah had waged a long movement against the Maharaja.

Trying to solve the politics of Kashmir vs Jammu

Hari Singh, the last Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, has been respected in Jammu and Ladakh, while Sheikh Abdullah has been a big figure in Kashmir. In such a situation, the issue of respect for both the celebrities has also been a part of the politics between Jammu and Kashmir. That’s why this decision of the government is important. It is believed that the decision to quash holidays on Sheikh Abdullah and declare a holiday in the name of Maharaja Singh may benefit the BJP in Jammu. Maharaja Hari Singh was the Dogra ruler and Jammu has a sizeable Dogra population. Apart from this, the government has tried to satisfy a large section of nationalists as well.

Maharaja Hari Singh’s son praised the decision, attacked the Congress

Meanwhile, Maharaja Hari Singh’s son and former Union Minister Karan Singh has also praised this decision of the government. Karan Singh has also indicated to leave the Congress. On Friday, he said, ‘I had joined Congress in 1967. But for 8 to 10 years I am not a member of Parliament. I was also thrown out of the working committee. Yes, I am in Congress, but I have no contact. Nobody talks to me about anything. I do my work My relationship with the party is negligible.

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