Here Goddess Durga is adorned with 6 kg gold, 3 kg silver and 6 crore currency notes, see photos

Navratri is celebrated all over the country. Goddess Durga is being worshiped in different ways in different parts of the country. A 135-year-old temple of Goddess Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari in Andhra Pradesh has been decorated with Rs 6 crore currency notes and gold ornaments for Navratri. The goddess was decorated with 6 kg gold, 3 kg silver and Rs 6 crore currency. Currency notes were pasted on the walls and floors of the temple. Let us tell you that this temple is located in Penugonda town of West Godavari district.

The tradition of decorating the Goddess with gold and cash has been going on in this temple for almost two decades during Dussehra. On Friday, a huge crowd of devotees gathered to see the incarnation of Goddess Mahalakshmi.

When asked about the use of those ornaments and currency after Dussehra, the temple committee told news agency ANI, “It is part of the public donation. It will be returned after the puja is over. It will not go to the temple trust.” ”

In a picture released by ANI, buntings made of notes are seen hanging on trees and from ceilings. The devotees who reach the temple look at him eagerly. It is believed that the cash and gold given to the goddess on the occasion of ‘Devi Navratri Ustavalu’ will prove to be lucky for her and will help her in improving her business.

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