‘Helmet Man’ drove the car at more than 100 speed on Lucknow Expressway, why are people praising?

‘Helmet Man’ drove the car at more than 100 speed on Lucknow Expressway, why are people praising?

Raghavendra Kumar, popularly known as Helmet Man of India, has run his car faster than the speed of 100 kilometers per hour for the first time. When he himself told on Twitter the reason for driving the car at such a high speed, people are praising him. Mumbai Traffic Police has also replied praising him. Before knowing the whole matter, let us tell who is the helmsman man and why did he get this name.

Raghavendra Kumar, a resident of Kaimur in Bihar, is famous as Helman Man. Krishna, a friend of Raghavendra, had died in 2014 in an accident on the Noida Expressway. His friend was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. Not wearing a helmet was considered the cause of death.

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The death of a friend had troubled Raghavendra a lot. Then he had decided that he would not let anyone die like his friend. Since then people are being made aware of traffic rules. Keep on distributing helmets to the bike riders without helmets. So far he has distributed more than six thousand helmets.

Reason for running car on Lucknow Expressway

Putting a video on his Twitter handle Helmet Man of India, Raghavendra wrote that he does not take the speed of his car above 100 but I was stunned when a person overtook me on the Lucknow Expressway. Because without helmet his speed was more than us. Had to drive his car over 100 to give him a safety cover helmet finally caught him.

After stopping the bike rider, Raghavendra humorously tells him what he is doing wrong. He also tells him the message of Yamraj written on the back of his car. Takes out a helmet from his car and gives it to him and asks where are you going. The young man told that he is a resident of Etawah and was going to Shikohabad.

Raghavendra also tells him that he never thought that someone would stop like this and give you a helmet. Told the bike guy that your hair is very nice. But it would have looked better when the helmet would have been on the head. After wearing the helmet, it is also asked to wear its belt.

The special thing is that Raghavendra keeps wearing helmet even while driving the car. In this video too, he is seen driving a car with a helmet on. This video of him is going viral. The bridges of his praise are also being tied. People are congratulating him by replying a lot.

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