Health Minister’s claim of not having a Community Spread of Corona in UP, says – No border will be sealed, no lockdown

Uttar Pradesh Health Minister Jayapratap Singh has made a big claim amid growing corona virus infection cases across the country and especially in the national capital Delhi. On Wednesday, he said that there is no community spread anywhere in the entire state. The Central Government has issued new guidelines on Wednesday to control the rise in Corona cases. It has allowed states to impose restrictions at their level and the Center has also asked for strict implementation of today’s guidelines. However, the UP Health Minister has said that the situation in the state is under control. He has also ruled out the possibility of re-sealing the Noida-Delhi border or putting a lockdown in the state.

Health Minister Jayapratap Singh was in Noida on Wednesday. Here he held a press conference in the Integrated Control Room at Sector-59. During this, he said that the three districts adjoining Delhi are the most important for Gautam Budh Nagar, Ghaziabad and Meerut Corona. The government is also alert about them. Special monitoring is being done here. There is also an investigation on the border here, but there is not much positive rate in it. But still, he will be vigilant about people coming and going from Delhi.

He said that Uttar Pradesh has done a very good job to prevent the spread of Corona infection and all the arrangements for Corona warfare are complete here. The recovery rate here is running at 94 percent and mortality at 1.4 percent. So far, 5.33 lakh cases have been reported since March, while the population of the state is more than 24 crores.

Transition increased due to wrong policies in Delhi
State Health Minister said that due to wrong policies in Delhi, the infection of Corona has increased. There was more antigen investigation. RTPCR investigation reduced. Due to this, the infection spread and Delhi reached this condition. He said that maximum work is being done in Uttar Pradesh. Most investigations have been done here and most labs are made here. Still some people make false accusations and compare it with Delhi, pointing fingers at the state’s arrangements. Management is not right in Delhi.

Neither the border will be sealed, nor will there be lockdown
The Health Minister said that in the present situation, there is no intention of the state government to seal the Delhi-Noida or Delhi Ghaziabad border, nor is it being considered. He also denied the possibility of increasing the fine on those who do not wear masks on the lines of Delhi and do not follow social distance. He said that the state government is not going to lockdown yet. The number of 100 people has been set by him only in public events.

Emphasis on contract tracing
The Health Minister said that his emphasis is on contract tracing in the war with Corona. 15 to 25 people who come in contact with a corona-infected person are traced and examined within 48 hours, helping to keep the corona under control. The investigation will be extended further. At present, 1 lakh rapid tests and 70 thousand RTPCR investigations are being done daily in the state.

State fully ready for vaccination
The Health Minister said that Uttar Pradesh is fully prepared for vaccination. Coldchains are installed in all the 75 districts where some new machines are to be installed, new machines are being installed there and by December 15 this work will also be completed. All personnel have also been trained for vaccination.

Regarding the vaccine, he said that when the corona vaccine comes, only scientists will answer it. But who will get it in the first phase, the central government will decide only after discussing with the state governments. First, this vaccine will be given to health workers. After that 74 percent of patients in the age group of 45 to 60 years have died in corona patients. In such a situation, people above 50 years of age can also be given the vaccine first. But it will be decided later.

No one had put a mask on the tea shop
The State Health Minister said that people in the state are irresponsible about the danger of corona and they are thinking that the corona has been exhausted. He was coming to Noida by car on Wednesday night, then stopped to drink tea at a tea shop in Mathura on the way, and he was surprised to see the situation there, no one had put a mask on the entire shop. He said that it is necessary to make all people aware of masks in the state.

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