Health department team entered the moving class, 120 children were vaccinated during studies, more than 50 sick

One such case has come to light from Aligarh in UP, which has not only made the health department but the entire district sleepless. A negligence of the health department overshadowed the lives of 120 children. In fact, Aligarh had reached the school to get DPT and DT vaccination on Friday in Charra and Dadon area. The team entered inside the school and got the children vaccinated. Neither the Health Department nor the Education Department gave information about vaccination to the family members.

After vaccination, the children were sent home. After some time the condition of more than 50 children deteriorated. Of these, 39 children were admitted to the hospital when their condition worsened. However, CMO Dr. Neeraj Tyagi told that the condition of the children is normal, 100 degree fever in a child. The family should not panic because it is a symptom of the vaccine.

To protect children above five years of age from serious diseases, a campaign to vaccinate DPT and DT (Diphtheria Containing Vaccine) has been started from 26 September. This campaign campaign is to be run till 15 October. Under which vaccination was done by calling from Chhara and Dadon primary schools on Friday. While studying in primary school about 120 children of Nagla of Gram Panchayat Nah in Dadon area, the team of Charra Hospital went and applied the vaccine. Neither the family members were told about him nor any medicine pill was given as a precaution.

After getting the vaccine, all the students were discharged and sent home. At around 2.30 pm, the health of 120 students of the village deteriorated. Problems like vomiting, fever, stiffness started coming. After which the children fell ill on the bunk from house to house. After that the family members rushed towards the hospital. After which there was a stir at the CHC. 39 children were admitted at CHC Chhara.

Block Education Officer also reached the spot

After calling 120 children from primary school and vaccinating, the officials of the Basic Education Department were also shocked. As soon as the information was received, the Block Education Officer also reached the hospital and inquired about the condition of the children. The Block Education Officer said that the condition of the children is normal. A child has a fever. Food and drink have been given to all the children. There is nothing to be alarmed about.

Vaccine information was not given to the relatives, who is responsible?

There is a haste in meeting the target under the running campaign to save children above five years of age from serious diseases. The family should have been informed before and after vaccination. Which was neither done by the team of Health Department nor by the teachers and officials of Basic Education Department. In the unknown situation, as soon as the children studying in the school became ill, the family panicked and ran towards the hospital. To which department will this negligence go? Only time will tell this coming.

Aligarh CMO Dr. Neeraj Tyagi says that 39 children have been admitted to CHC Chhara. The condition of all the children is normal. Symptoms such as vomiting, fever, swelling and pain emerge after vaccination. Within a few hours the situation returns to normal.

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