Have ‘left behind’ the worst days of the pandemic, US government’s Kovid expert said at Hindustan Times Leadership Summit

Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2022: US Government’s COVID-19 Response Coordinator Dr Ashish Kumar Jha said on the first day of the 20th edition of Hindustan Times Leadership Summit (HTLS) that the COVID-19 pandemic may not have ended but the bad days are now behind. have been He said, “The Kovid-19 epidemic may not have ended from the world but the worst days of the epidemic are ‘absolutely behind’.”

Let us inform that in the midst of the horrific tragedy of Corona, US President Joe Biden appointed well-known health expert Dr Ashish Jha as his new COVID-19 response coordinator. Speaking at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit on Tuesday, he pointed out that most of the world’s population has acquired immunity to fight the virus. He said, “… Whether we are seeing an increase in (corona cases) or new (corona) variants are coming out, but the worst of this epidemic is now behind us.”

Dr Jha pointed to the high level of immunity in the global population – due to both vaccination and prior infection – and said ‘…even if we look at new forms we may still see an increase. The worst of this pandemic must be behind us. He told Hindustan Times editor-in-chief R Sukumar, “Covid is not completely over… In some ways it will always be with us and we have to manage it. But if the question is ‘Will the worst of Covid times? has been left behind us’, so my answer is ‘Absolutely’.”

Dealing with new variants

Ever since the corona virus has spread, many new variants of it have come to the fore. Many such variants of corona have come to the fore which have worked to rapidly increase the wave of infection. These also include the deadly Delta variant of Corona. Some reports suggest that the delta variant is responsible for almost a third of all corona deaths in India.

When Dr Jha was asked about this whether the trend of new variants coming out is a matter of concern? So to this he said, “Right now, I would say yes the variant is a concern. We are seeing a very fast growing variant… the speed at which SARS-CoV 2 is developing itself is remarkable. ”

He said, “There are many reasons for this. The primary reason is that we have a lot of immunity due to vaccination and earlier infections. Due to strong immunity, there is pressure on the virus to develop itself differently. . We are looking at an immuno-invasive version. The good news is that we can deal with it … like by updating vaccines … that can take us a step further from the virus.” Dr Ashish Jha said that while the virus’s constant reversal makes him ‘worried’, but “…it also reassures me that we as humanity can face it and are no longer powerless.”

What did Dr. Jha say on the growing infection?

After discussing the variants, Dr Jha was asked how he sees the increasing infection of the corona, to which he said that ‘over time the virus will settle into a seasonal pattern … a bit like influenza.’ He said, “… a time will come when it will become a seasonal (disease). Even though we are still seeing a surge, it has already become a seasonal disease.”

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