Haryana Rajya Sabha Elections: After the defeat of Maken, there is increasing strife in Congress, word and arrow are going on


After the defeat of Congress candidate Ajay Maken in Haryana’s Rajya Sabha elections, the tussle between the party leaders is increasing. Veteran leaders are playing words at each other. No one is ready to take a step back. Former CLP Kiran Choudhary and rebel leader Kuldeep Bishnoi did not miss any opportunity to hit the target. On Saturday, Leader of Opposition Bhupendra Hooda spoke in Chandigarh, while Kuldeep spoke on the Rajya Sabha elections in Delhi.

Hooda said that all the 29 MLAs who went to Raipur have voted for Maken, while Kuldeep gave two reasons for voting for Kartikeya Sharma. Hooda also took a meeting of the Legislature Party at his residence here, in which the outcome of the Rajya Sabha elections was discussed. Hooda said investigation is going on at the party level as to whose vote has been cancelled.

The state in-charge has already given his immediate report. In the detailed report, it will be known at the party level whose vote has been canceled. After talking to the authorized agent, the high command is busy in confirming which MLA has done the rogue. Only after that the next action will be implemented. The final report may take another five-seven days. All 29 MLAs who went to Raipur have cast their vote for Congress.

Hooda said that he does not need to take the certificate from Kuldeep. They need public certificate. Kuldeep has betrayed the people of Adampur. Let him resign and contest the election again. Newly elected MP Kartikeya Sharma met Kuldeep Bishnoi in New Delhi on Saturday. Bishnoi said that whatever the Bhajanlal family does, it does it with a bang.

Whenever there is mention of doom, there is talk of Kuldeep Bishnoi. The first reason he did not vote for Maken was that he cannot vote for the Hooda camp. The second reason is his displeasure with Rahul Gandhi. Karthikeya said that Kuldeep is an experienced leader. He has also been an MP twice. Taking advantage of their experiences, work will be done for the development of Haryana.

Kuldeep will tell the strategy ahead on Monday

Kuldeep Bishnoi said that he will reveal the strategy ahead on Monday. I am talking to my workers whether I want to stay in Congress or go to BJP. Should I go to Aam Aadmi Party or a separate party should be formed.

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