Haryana Local Body Election: First the farmers’ movement, then the opposition of Agneepath, how BJP won in Haryana? This formula appeared


In Haryana, there was a farmers’ movement against agricultural laws and recently there was a protest against the Agneepath scheme of the Centre. But after the results of the civic elections, the BJP-JJP is excited. The ‘triple engine’ formula adopted by the BJP to win this election worked to a great extent. The BJP was able to convince the voters in most of the seats that if the engines of the same government are from the center to the state and the ward, then undoubtedly the pace of development will remain on track in the respective areas.

During the campaign, big campaigners including BJP candidates were also busy in explaining the same formula to the voters. As a result, the BJP (7) and JJP (2) alliance holds nine seats out of the 14 municipalities’ chairman posts in the six districts of the GT Road Belt: Ambala, Kurukshetra, Kaithal, Yamunanagar, Karnal and Panipat. Although independent candidates have become chairman in three seats, but two of them are leaning towards the internal government.

The same situation prevails with the councilors in the wards as well. In the wards where independent candidates have won the election of councilor, most of them are also showing faith in the government. In many places, the councilors have even announced their support to the government as soon as they win. This has given further impetus to the enthusiasm of the government. Although the Congress did not field its candidate on the symbol from any seat, but the Congress supported candidate was in the election battle for the post of chairman or councillor.

Congress veterans were also trying hard for his victory, but except for one seat (Narayangarh) of the chairman’s post, the Congress supported candidates had to face defeat in all the seats. Therefore, sensing the current circumstances, the Congress will have to brainstorm for the future.

Enthused by the Punjab elections, AAP had also fielded its candidates for the post of chairman. Even though this party had nothing to lose here, the expectations of victory in the local elections were not fulfilled as expected by the veteran leaders of AAP. Only one seat of the Ismailabad civic body, adjacent to the Punjab border, came to AAP’s account. Here AAP’s chairman Nisha won a tough contest.

The Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) was already operating in this area keeping itself out of competition. Therefore, from the very beginning, there was an atmosphere of indifference in the INLD camp regarding this election. The JJP fought the elections in alliance with the BJP. In some of the seats, the BJP’s angry due to not getting tickets from the BJP had also entered the fray. Still, the seat of Cheeka and Shahabad body chairman was won by JJP candidates.

Now after the victory, all the parties have started brainstorming on the difference of votes. In this area of ​​GT belt, BJP candidate Ashish Chakrapani won the election of chairman from Pehowa by the minimum margin of 55 votes, while JJP candidate from Shahabad seat won by the maximum margin of 6556 votes.

Modi’s congratulations boosted enthusiasm

The enthusiasm of the coalition government has increased with the congratulations of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the victory of the BJP-JJP alliance in the local body elections. Chief Minister Manohar Lal is also seen excited by the results. These veteran leaders of BJP believe that this victory is like putting a stamp of trust by the people on the development policies of the government. After this, Panchayat elections are also near in the state. The coalition government is now desperate to make the results of the panchayat elections in its favor under a solid electoral strategy, because after some time preparations have to be made for the Lok Sabha and assembly elections.


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