Haryana civic elections: 92 percent wards are occupied by independents, only 60 BJP members won


Independent candidates have made a strong presence in 46 urban bodies of Haryana. While he occupied 19 posts of city council and municipal chairman, out of 887 wards, 815 wards i.e. 92 percent have also won independent councillors. The BJP had left the decision to field ward members on district and block units.

In all the bodies, the party fielded candidates in 136 wards and contested elections on symbols, out of which 60 BJP members won. The JJP, an alliance partner in the government, did not field candidates in the wards. The JJP contested elections by fielding authorized candidates only in four municipal councils and four municipalities. The Aam Aadmi Party had fielded candidates in 133 wards, of which it won 5.

INLD had fielded candidates in 23 wards, of which only 6 could win. BSP fought in 3 wards and won only one member. In the re-polling of Ward-8 of Safidon Municipality, an independent will also win as both Pinki Rani and Madhu Rani are independent candidates. In this way, a total of 816 independent candidates will become ward members in the state.

Advocate Hemant Kumar of Punjab and Haryana High Court said that in the year 2019, the State Legislative Assembly has amended the Haryana Municipal Act, 1973 and added a new section 18A. Accordingly, in the general elections of all the municipal bodies, the election of the newly elected president and the members elected from the wards will have to be done within a maximum of six months from the date of issuance of election notification from the State Election Commission. If this is not done, then on the expiry of the period of six months, the concerned Municipal Council or Municipality will be deemed to be dissolved with immediate effect. Elections will have to be conducted afresh.

People rejected BJP in Karnal and JJP in Uchana: Uday Bhan

Haryana Pradesh Congress President Uday Bhan said that before making statements against the Congress, Chief Minister Manohar Lal and Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala should churn in their circles, as both have lost their candidates here. Despite the alliance in power, people have rejected BJP in Karnal and JJP in Uchana. Uday Bhan said that the Chief Minister lost all the three seats – Assandh, Nissing and Tarawari in his district Karnal and the Deputy Chief Minister lost from his assembly constituency, Uchana.

Apart from this, many ministers of the government also could not make their candidates win in spite of equality, price-dand-discrimination in their circles. The state Congress president questioned whether these two would show the courage to take moral responsibility for this defeat. He said that the BJP should not forget that after the 2019 assembly elections, the by-elections to the Baroda and Ellenabad assembly were held and despite being in power, the BJP had to taste defeat at both the places.

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