Haqqani tried to hide, but America found it; Al Zawahiri killed by walking habit

US intelligence sources learned earlier this year that al-Zawahiri’s wife, daughter and grandchildren were in a house in Kabul. Since then the agencies were keeping an eye on Zawahiri. His every move was being monitored. He had a habit of taking a walk in the balcony in the morning. From here the agencies identified him and planned to kill him.

was hidden in a very secure bungalow

Zawahiri was earlier hiding in Pakistan but after the Taliban’s withdrawal in Afghanistan, his wife and children were taken to Kabul. There they started living in the bungalow of an aide of the Taliban government’s Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani. Zawahiri also reached there earlier this month. This bungalow is in Sherpur, Kabul and has 17 rooms. This four-storey building also has a basement. It was a very secure bungalow.

How did the operation go?

Officers of the US intelligence agency went around his house for months to know what Zawahiri’s routine was like. When does he come out? When does he go to the roof and which people come to meet him. Its moment-to-moment reports were being sent to the officials sitting in the Pentagon. A senior official of the Badin administration said that after getting all the solid information, a plan was made to kill him.

Security officials informed the President on July 1. The model of that house was shown to him. Told when and how he got out. How big is the danger to the people there. Efforts were also made not to harm other people. According to sources, the Biden administration had said that no one should be killed. But somehow Zawahiri must be put to an end. The meeting was attended by William Burns, Director of the CIA, Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence, and Christine Abizaid, Director of the National Counter Terrorism Center. Fully satisfied, Biden called national security officials on July 25. He was briefed about the operation and finally the air strike was approved.

no one else was killed

Zawahiri often stayed at home but had a habit of walking on the balcony in the morning. American intelligence agencies took advantage of just this. As soon as permission for the attack was received from the Biden administration, at 06:18 a.m. Afghan time, on Sunday morning, he was killed by a Ripper drone. Officials clarified that no one else was killed along with him. The Haqqani faction of the Taliban drove Zawahiri’s family away after the attack.

Haqqani network tried to hide

According to media reports, after the US drone strike, members of the terrorist organization Haqqani Network tried to hide that Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was in the same house in Kabul. Even people’s access to this place was restricted, as the house belongs to a top aide of top Taliban leader Sirajuddin Haqqani.

Zawahiri escaped twice in US attack

America had tried many times before to kill Zawahiri. In 2001, it was reported to be hiding in the mountains of Tora Bora, Afghanistan. However, Zawahiri fled before the attack could take place. At the same time, in 2006, he was reported to be hiding in Damdola, Pakistan. Intelligence agencies launched a missile attack but he escaped.

Absurd statement given on hijab controversy in India

Al Zawahiri released a nine-minute video in April this year. In the video, he described France, Egypt and Holland as anti-Islamic countries. In the same video, Zawahiri also made an absurd statement regarding the hijab controversy in India.

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