Gyanvapi Survey: The missing key of the locks came out after 16 years, many claims regarding the evidence, the second day’s survey started


The survey for the second day of Gyanvapi campus has started on Sunday morning. The key to the locked locks of the basement of the complex has been revealed to the public after 16 years. On January 4, 1993, the keys of the locks that were closed after the dispute were deposited in the state treasury. However, at some point in 2006, the keys were taken out of the treasury and given to the police.


Since then, there was a situation of doubt regarding the key. This is the reason why the court had ordered to open or break the lock when there is doubt on the key. On the other hand, a team of Tehsil has been formed for the measurement of Araji 9130 at the commissioned site. The records recorded in the tehsil have been included in the proceedings of the commission. After the cellars on Sunday, a survey of the walls and other places is being done. After the completion of the commission proceedings, the keys will remain with the Anjuman Insanjariya Masajid Committee.

On Saturday morning, on the orders of the court, before the commission proceedings began, members of the Anjuman Insanjariya Masajid Committee had appeared with the keys. In fact, in the notice issued by the District Magistrate, it was clearly said that if the key is available, then be present with it during the proceedings of the commission. Otherwise the key will be deposited in the treasury after breaking the lock.

Let us tell here that there was doubt for many years about the keys of the locked locks in the cellars and neither side was accepting the fact of having the key. On the other hand, the administration had denied having the key even in the reply given in the court. However, with the appreciation of the cooperation of the Muslim side from the administration, it has been made clear that after the commission proceedings, Anjuman will have the key to the cellar locks.

Everyone has their own claims, the report in the court will tell the reality

During the commission proceedings, which started after the court’s order, the team did a thorough investigation and got the interior of the basement, religious symbols, wall art and pillars photographed and videographed. A team of 52 persons from the plaintiff and the respondent side along with the advocate commissioners appointed by the court conducted a thorough investigation on each of the aspects. After the completion of the first day’s commission proceedings, some people also made their own claims regarding the evidence. However, strict instructions have been given to the team that no information related to the survey should come out. In such a situation, no member of the survey team refused to say anything. Now after the completion of the commission proceedings, it will tell the reality of the report to be presented in the court.

The report will be ready after the survey is completed

The court has fixed May 17 as the date for submission of the report of the proceedings of the commission. After the survey on Sunday, further strategy will be brainstormed. Reason, if the commission proceedings are completed, then on May 17, Special Advocate Commissioner Vishal Singh, Advocate Commissioner Ajay Kumar Mishra and Assistant Advocate Commissioner Ajay Pratap Singh will submit the joint report to the court. If the team feels that more time is needed for the commission, it can also ask the court for permission to present the report on the next date.

this is the whole matter

Petitioners Rakhi Singh, Manju Vyas, Sita Sahu, Rekha Pathak and Laxmi Devi filed a petition on 18 August 2021 with the Civil Judge Senior Division of Varanasi for the regular darshan worship of Shringar Gauri located in Gyanvapi campus and for the protection of other Deities located in the premises. Had it. In this case, the order for survey of the premises was issued by the court on 26 April. During the hearing, the court appointed Ajay Kumar as advocate commissioner for this. On May 6, the team started the survey for the first time and on May 7, the people of the Muslim side opposed the survey team. In the court, the Muslim side demanded to change the lawyer commissioner. However, rejecting the objection, the court issued an order on May 12 that along with Ajay Kumar, Special Advocate Commissioner Vishal Singh and Assistant Advocate Commissioner Ajay Pratap Singh had been appointed. The court has also ordered that the commission proceedings should be completed uninterrupted by opening or breaking the lock. Strict legal action has also been ordered by registering an FIR against those obstructing it.

what happened yesterday…

  • Police had closed the road on Godauliya Maidagin Marg from 05 o’clock
  • People associated with the commission started reaching Kashi Vishwanath Dham from 07 o’clock
  • The operation of the survey of the basements started at 08.
  • The survey of the first room continued till 09:15
  • Survey of the second room done till 10:15
  • At 11 o’clock the lock of the third room was broken with a cutter.
  • People associated with the commission started coming out at 11:55 am
  • Shutters of shops started opening from 12:20 am
  • Entry of devotees started from Vishwanath gate from 01 o’clock