Gyanvapi Masjid Case: The survey report so far may be presented in the court today, the Muslim side has been accused of obstructing the proceedings


On Tuesday, the lawyers of both the sides presented arguments in the court regarding the removal of the survey and advocate commissioner of Shringar Gauri and other deities in Gyanvapi. In the debate, the plaintiff reiterated the demand for survey till the basement inside the Gyanvapi complex. A decision can be taken on the role of Advocate Commissioner Ajay Mishra during the hearing on Wednesday. Along with this, the report of the survey done so far can also be presented in the court.


In the court proceedings that began on Tuesday afternoon, in counter objection to the objection of the plaintiffs, the Anjuman Insanjariya Masajid Committee said that all the statements and arguments of the plaintiffs are baseless, meaningless and against the law. Araji number 9130 is mentioned in the commission proceedings, but there is no mention of area, mouja, chauhaddi.

He said that in the plaint there is a description of five kos land and Adi Vishweshwar idol with Araji, in such a situation, it has not been told to what extent the commission proceedings will take place. After the demarcation of this Araji, the matter of commission proceedings was ignored. Even finger scraping of the items available on the spot was not denied.

In the counter-objection, it was mentioned by the plaintiff side to call for evidence and evidence related to the temple situated with Shringar Gauri, which makes it clear that the existence of Gyanvapi Masjid is different.

Muslim side accused of obstructing court proceedings

During the arguments in the court, the plaintiff gave information in the court about the obstruction on the part of the Muslim side during the proceedings of the commission. He demanded that the Advocate Commissioner be allowed to inspect the spot. In this, he reiterated the demand for survey inside the barricading in the Gyanvapi campus and in the basement.

In the counter-objection filed by the Muslim side in the court of Civil Judge Senior Division Ravi Kumar Diwakar, it was said on behalf of the Anjuman Inazaniya Masajid Committee that the evidence cannot be collected through survey. He alleged that there are five advocates on his behalf, while only two advocates were allowed entry in the survey. On the other hand, 12 lawyers of the plaintiffs were present inside. He told the court that Shringar Gauri and Gyanvapi Masjid are different. In such a situation, there is no justification for videography inside the mosque.

Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi-Idgah case: Hearing on the demand for sending Advocates’ Commission to be held on July 1

Like the knowledge-wide campus of Varanasi in the Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi-Idgah case, the hearing on the application filed for the demand of conducting a survey by the Advocates Commission will be held on July 1. Advocate Mahendra Pratap Singh, President of Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Mukti Nyas has claimed the land of Idgah Masjid here. It is said that the present-day Shahi Idgah is actually an ancient temple of Lord Keshavdev. Its remains are still present today.