Gyanvapi Case: Before 1992, there was no temple-mosque dispute, bangles and coal shops were in the basement


Recalling the bygone days, Mahant Pt. Ganesh Shankar Upadhyay of Kashi Karwat temple says that before 1992 there was no temple-mosque dispute. I still remember that we used to go to the Gyanvapi Masjid premises very comfortably to play and jump. There was no restriction. Descending from the stairs, the ground floor had a large hall with many pillars.


The Mahant told that Bhola Yadav had a coal shop in the room next to the staircase and a churiwala shop next to it. She used to visit the entire locality to wear bangles on every Teej-festival from house to house. After this, right in front of Nandi’s mouth was the room of Vyas ji, where he used to keep the belongings of his pulpit.

Hindus used to go to every part of the mosque

Chander Vyas, the younger brother of Kedarnath Vyas, used to climb on top of the platform. The door behind it goes up and it was open, Hindus used to go to every part of the mosque, there was no restriction of any kind. Often our kites used to get cut, so we used to go to get it.

Talking about the mythology of the Gyanvapi complex, then let us tell you that there was a pilgrimage of Gyanodak. It should be made a pilgrimage of knowledge again. Those who are describing Kashi in a wrong way will have to face the torment of Bhairav-Bhairavi, so first know Kashi and then describe about it.

Giani Zail Singh had reached Gyanvapi

Mahesh Upadhyay of the Mahant family told that he still remembers the incident when Giani Zail Singh had come to visit Baba Vishwanath as Home Minister. When he entered from Chattadwar, he had come inside considering the mosque itself as a temple. SHO Chowk was also with him but he was behind. I recognized him and told the people. Meanwhile, the cleric of the mosque told him that this is a mosque and the temple is still ahead. After this he left the mosque and went to the temple.