Gujarat News: When the education minister asked the female sarpanch to remove the ‘veil’ in the meeting, know what happened then

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Jitu Vaghani


  • Incident of Rantej village in Mehsana district of Gujarat
  • The female sarpanch had covered her face with a sari.
  • We all need to adapt with the changing times – Vaghani

Gujarat News: State Education Minister at a program in Mehsana district of Gujarat Jitu Vaghani On appeal, the sarpanch of a conservative community removed her veil. Minaba Jala, 35, of the Rajput community, came to Rantej village on Thursday to present a memento to Vaghani at her felicitation ceremony, when the minister noticed that she had covered her face with a sari. Vaghani then said mildly, “I agree that he should at least not cover his face in public functions. This is just my request and it is for the elders to decide on it.

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When someone in the audience said that they belong to the Rajput community so their women wear veils, the minister said, “It is not about caste. I request Minaba to remove the veil. I am not against this practice but we all need to adapt with the changing times. This is my only request and only the elders of the village have to take a final decision on this. Bring your women out of this practice. Make them equal.

Know what the female sarpanch said

Satisfied with Vaghani’s suggestion, an elder from the Rajput community named Gaubha Jala in the audience allowed the female sarpanch to remove the veil. After removing the veil, a chair was placed on the side of the stage for the female sarpanch on which she was sitting. Speaking on the entire incident, the woman sarpanch Meenaba said, “Vaghani appealed to me to come out of this practice at least when I am participating in public programs as sarpanch. He also appealed to the elders of this community sitting in the audience to come forward for equality and give up this practice. Without putting pressure on anyone, Vaghani said that it is the villagers who need to decide on this.

Meenaba, the first woman sarpanch of Rantej village, said the minister was assured that Rajput women in the village would no longer cover their faces in public places and would simply follow the veil at home.

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