Gujarat Election 2022: Want to bring law to increase moustache, unique candidate came in discussion due to two and a half feet long moustache.

GUJARAT ELECTIONS 2022: At the time of elections, the promises of leaders often become a topic of discussion. Some talk about ration and some about electricity. But have you ever heard that any leader talks about giving allowance for the maintenance of moustache? Yes, one such candidate is contesting elections in Gujarat this time. Maganbhai Solanki (57), who is contesting as an independent from the Himmatnagar seat in Gujarat, is in news for his two and a half feet long moustache. Maganbhai retired from the army in the year 2012. He likes to contest elections. In the year 2017 also he contested the Gujarat Assembly elections.

Mustache Laws?

Maganbhai told PTI that I was the candidate of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). I lost the election but did not give up. I contested as an independent in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. This time also I am contesting as an independent. Maganbhai said that when I was in the army, my mustache attracted attention as senior officers always praised it. When I am contesting elections, people laugh at my moustache. Children come and try to touch it. At the same time, youth ask for suggestions on how to grow such a moustache. He said that if he wins the election, he will appeal to the Gujarat government to bring a law to encourage youth to grow moustaches.

Allowance was given for taking care of mustache in the army

Maganbhai said that whoever keeps a moustache, the government should pay him some amount for its maintenance. Maganbhai was inspired by his father to grow a moustache. By the time he joined the army at the age of 19, he had grown a moustache. He said that in the army I used to get a special allowance for the maintenance of my moustache. I was known as Moochhwala in my regiment. My mustache is my pride. It sets me apart from the crowd.

Maganbhai says that he will not stop contesting elections till he wins the elections. Let us inform that the voting for the Himmatnagar seat will be held in the second phase. The first phase of voting took place today. The results of the election will come on December 8.

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