Growing dissatisfaction with CPEC, interference in security matters; How dependence on China cost PAK

Growing dissatisfaction with CPEC, interference in security matters;  How dependence on China cost PAK

Excessive dependence on China has taken a toll on Pakistan. According to the Asian Light International report, due to excessive dependence on Beijing, Pakistan is surrendering its sovereignty to China. The relationship between the two countries has become like an unholy alliance between the desperate and the greedy. It has been said in the report that the people of Pakistan now need to raise their voice regarding this. He has to ask questions to restore his dignity. Or, the other option would be to remain silent forever.

Ever since the announcement of CPEC in Pakistan, there has been widespread discontent about the project. The report states that the local population of Balochistan is leading a marginalized life. They believe that CPEC funds are being embezzled by powerful people. Locals believe that the project is impoverishing the very people who were expected to get relief. In such a situation, a strong anti-China sentiment has been born in the country.

Resentment among local people regarding CPEC project

Racial and cultural discrimination has its place, apart from this, there is also resentment about the different measures taken regarding security. While Chinese citizens associated with the CPEC project travel in bulletproof cars, Pakistanis do not have such security. Thus the local people are more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Not only this, Chinese victims have been given more compensation than Pakistani victims of terrorist attacks. This has strengthened the feeling of alienation towards the Chinese in the country.

Sinicization of Pakistan’s internal security system

According to the report, the internal security apparatus of Pakistan seems to be getting sinicized. Chinese equipment, network access, protocols and framework are being used for security. China has also succeeded in thwarting Pakistan’s agreement to share details of central security personnel. Also, China itself has got the right to do background check of Pakistani security personnel. Not only this, the onus has also been placed on Pakistan to ensure the security of the houses and hotels used by the Chinese nationals.

Beijing took advantage of the plight of ‘friend’

China has now fully understood the ground reality of Pakistan. Dragon is going to move forward with this approach in the coming times as well. Beijing has managed to blame Pakistan for creating a positive environment in the country towards the Chinese. For this, regular monitoring and timely termination of negative public opinion was resorted to. According to the report of Asian Light International, China has continuously taken advantage of the plight of its ‘friend’. At the same time, Beijing’s hold on Pakistan’s internal security matters has strengthened to a great extent. In the recent past, there have been some agreements that have trampled on Pakistan’s sovereignty with disrespect.

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