Furious China summons US ambassador, said- Taiwan will return to motherland’s lap

As soon as Nancy Pelosi reached Taiwan, China immediately sent 21 of its fighter planes to Taiwan on the one hand and on the other hand summoned US Ambassador Nicholas Burns to answer about this visit. Not only this, China threatened through the US ambassador that this visit would have very serious consequences. At the same time, China has also imposed some restrictions on Taiwan.

China took two big steps as soon as Pelosi arrived

In fact, China’s official news agency Xinhua reported that Burns was summoned on Wednesday morning. China told US Ambassador Nicholas Burns that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was “mischievous” in nature and had “serious consequences”. China will not sit peacefully on this. The US government should have stopped Pelosi’s visit, but they were allowed to do so through collusion.

Told the ambassador- Taiwan’s homeland is China

According to the report, China’s Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng told the US ambassador in the strongest terms that Taiwan is China’s Taiwan and that Taiwan will eventually return to its motherland. Chinese people are not afraid of pressure. Not only this, China has also announced several economic and trade sanctions against Taiwan on Wednesday.

Chinese fighter jets entered the Air Defense Zone

At the same time, as soon as Pelosi reached Taiwan, it was told in an official statement from Taiwan that 21 Chinese fighter planes have entered its air defense zone. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said in a statement that all these PLA fighter aircraft have entered Taiwan’s Southwest Air Defense Identification Zone zone. China had threatened this ‘military action’ within an hour of Pelosi’s arrival in Taiwan.

America said – Pelosi has the right to go to Taiwan

White House national security spokesman John Kirby said House Speaker Pelosi had the right to visit Taiwan, but stressed that the visit was a violation of Chinese sovereignty or America’s long-standing “one China” policy. is not a violation. It was also reported that Biden respected Pelosi’s decision to go to Taiwan.

Pelosi gave a message of unity from Taiwanese soil

At the same time, Pelosi, who reached Taiwan, has given a message of unity from there. He told the people of Taiwan that we are here to listen to you and learn from you how we can move forward together. We congratulate you for achieving success on Corona. He also conveyed the message of solidarity of the people of America with the people of Taiwan.

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