From where did the slum-run party get 90 crore donations, on the radar of Income Tax Department

The crores of donations received by a political party running from a slum in Mumbai has raised the ears of the Income Tax Department. Recently, raids were conducted by the Income Tax Department across the country. During this time, information about this political party has also been revealed. The headquarters of this party named Janatawadi Congress Party is located in a slum in Chunabhatti area. Information has come to the fore that the Janata Party, formed in 2015, has received donations of Rs 90 crore, not a small amount. The Income Tax Department suspects that the money received through the hawala racket has been transferred to a political party. This has deepened suspicion.

From where did an anonymous party get donations of 90 crores?

The Janata Party is a registered party, but it has never played any role in the politics of Maharashtra or Mumbai. In such a situation, the question arises that who donated Rs 90 crore to the Janata Party? Who walks through a two-storey room in a chali and has nothing but a party symbol. The party’s national president Santosh Katke has given a clarification regarding this. He said that our party got donations of Rs 90 crore. All this money was spent on party work. We haven’t done anything wrong.

Was formed in 2015, no role in the politics of Maharashtra

Party President Santosh Katke said that I have submitted all the details of the expenditure to the Election Commission. However, the Income Tax Department has vehemently denied this claim. Income Tax Department officials say that all the expenditure details shown by the Janata Party are fake. This party was used by hawala operators to evade taxes. Janatawadi Congress Party was founded in 2015. At the time of registration, it was mentioned that the headquarters of the party is in a slum in Chunabhatti. In 2018, this party contested the assembly elections in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. But he did not win any seat.

123 political parties raided

The Income Tax Department conducted raids across the country on Wednesday. This time the properties of 123 registered but unknown political parties were raided across the country. Apart from this, the properties of some hawala operators were also raided. During this, the Income Tax Department had got clues of financial irregularities, tax evasion, fake donations and financial misappropriation. Two of these suspected political parties are from Mumbai. According to Income Tax Department sources, there are about 2,000 registered parties across the country, which are unknown. These parties are used to exchange money through hawala operators. Hawala operators transfer huge amounts of money to these political parties in the form of donations.

How do these political parties get commission on illegal money?

The money showing various expenses is then diverted from the bank accounts of these political parties. Hawala operators then withdraw this money in cash through fake companies. For all this, the political parties concerned get a commission of 0.01 percent of the total transaction. Any person can donate any amount to any political party registered under section 29A. Thereafter the concerned person can avail the benefit of exemption on donation amount under section 80GGC.

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