First boxing with the crocodile, then holding the tail and throwing it into the water; creepy video viral

The very name of crocodile creates fear in people. But such a surprising video is going viral on social media, after seeing which you will be surprised. Two men are seen playing with a crocodile that entered a boat. One of them started boxing. Later a person caught him by the tail and threw him into the water. People are shocked after the creepy video surfaced. However, Live Hindustan does not verify the authenticity of the video.

Several media outlets have claimed that the incident took place in Florida, USA. In the video, a huge crocodile climbed onto the boat. A young man is trying to drive it away. The crocodile’s mouth is open. The young man was seen going very close to the crocodile. It looks like the crocodile can attack anytime. Even after knowing this, he tried to drive away the crocodile risking his life. At one place, a young man is seen boxing with a crocodile in fun.

Various attempts are made to drive the crocodile away but he did not want to get off the boat. After this another young man came and caught the tail of the crocodile and threw it upside down in the water. The video was shared by the Twitter account ‘HumanRmetal’. This 13-second video has been viewed more than 17 lakh times till the time of writing this news. After the video went viral, many people questioned the youth’s actions. Some said, “Knowing that the danger was there, no one should have taken such a risk.”

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