Father is not proud of Elon Musk, told younger son more happy

Elon Musk’s father Errol Musk has said that he is not proud of his rich son. He said that the rest of the family members have also achieved many achievements. Talking on Australian radio station KIIS FM, Tesla Chief’s father told many things. He also talked about the rest of the Musk family. He not only downplayed Elon Musk’s success but also joked about his looks.

The presenter asked Errol, “Your son is a genius. He achieved a lot in life and made a lot of money. Are you proud of that? Then Errol, 76, replied, “Absolutely not.” Our family has been doing a lot for a long time, this achievement has not been achieved suddenly. Errol said that from his first wife, Alan, Tosca, and Kimble had accompanied him on world tours when he was very young.

He said, my children traveled from China to the Amazon jungles and saw a lot. However, Allen made a really big achievement. “Allen thinks he’s still five years behind,” he said. He gets frustrated with her progress. I know it would sound crazy but we think as a family. He’s 50 now and I think he’s still a kid. But he is 50 years old.

Errol said, “My little son, Kimball, is more lucky.” He spent a long time with his wife. The CEO of SpaceX was unable to find a partner who could stake his future for him, he said. Let us tell you that Alan has nine children from four wives. Despite this, he is single as of today. Errol said she had to find a partner who would drop everything and be with her, and it’s not easy.

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