Exit poll figures were reversed in 2015, will this time be true?

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If the exit polls of Bihar assembly elections are to be believed, then Nitish Kumar’s 15-year rule is going to break and a grand coalition government headed by Tejashwi Yadav is going to be formed. While some exit polls have reported a thorn contest, the grand alliance is predicted to get 150 to 180 seats in the two exit polls. However, the real results will have to wait for 10 November. By the way, the exit polls had failed to capture the mood of the public. At that time, the figures of exit polls were reversed on the day of the election results and the BJP office remained laddus and fireworks had to be stopped midway. However, this time BJP will be praying that exit polls fail.

In the 2015 elections, BJP contested along with HAM, LJP and RLSP and JDU, RJD and Congress defeated the BJP by forming a grand alliance. However, later Nitish left the Grand Alliance and formed a government with the BJP. This time JDU, BJP, HUM and VIP contested together, Congress and Left parties were with RJD in Grand Alliance. The LJP played a lonely plunge in the election this time.

What was predicted then?
Talking of exit polls of the last assembly elections, Today’s Chanakya predicted the NDA to get 155 seats and the Mahagathbandhan’s account showed 83 seats. In the exit poll of India Today Group and Cicero, the NDA was given 113-127 seats, while the Grand Alliance had said to get 111-123 seats. The C-Voter had projected the Mahagathbandhan to get 112 to 132 seats. However, the NDA was also predicted to get 101 to 121. Nielsen had given 130 seats to the Grand Alliance, while 108 seats were projected for the NDA.

What was the result?
With exit polls, the BJP started making laddus, and the workers arranged fireworks. When the exit polls were corrected in the early trends on the counting day, BJP workers started sweetening each other and there were fireworks outside the party office. At the same time, the figures were also reversed rapidly and by midday the silence in the BJP office was lost, then the workers of the grand alliance rose. The Mahagathbandhan won 178 seats, the NDA was reduced to 58 seats, the others got 07 seats.

What is the estimate this time?
According to the exit polls this time, Tejashwi Yadav is going to wrest power from Nitish Kumar in Bihar. In some exit polls, there has been talk of a close fight between the NDA and the Grand Alliance, while some have given a clear majority to the Grand Alliance. However, it is clear in all exit polls that Tejashwi stands at the forefront of this election. According to the Times Now Sea Voters, the NDA can win 116 seats and the RJD can get 120 seats. According to News18 Today’s Chanakya, the NDA will have to be content with just 55 seats and the Grand Alliance will win 180 seats. India Today Axis My India has given RJD 139 to 161 seats, while NDA has said to get 69-91 seats. The LJP can get a maximum of 10 seats.

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