Every item against Islam in the educational system will be removed, says Taliban – International news in Hindi said

After occupying Afghanistan, the Taliban is preparing to make major changes in the education system there. The Taliban is planning to remove everything against Islam in its education system. Fears have since been raised that the insurgent group may once again impose an extremist regime contrary to its claims of forming a liberal and inclusive government.

According to an India Today report, the Taliban-appointed Interim Higher Education Minister Abdul Baqi Haqqani criticized the current education system, saying it has failed to follow Islamic principles. Everything against Islam in the education system will be removed, he said.

In the first regime, music was told to be anti-Islamic

This time the rebel group has repeatedly promised liberal rule but Afghan media reported on Sunday that local TV channels and radio stations in Kandahar were ordered not to broadcast music as well as voices given by women. Gaya. The music was banned by the Taliban in their previous regime, claiming it was anti-Islam. Along with this, women’s rights to work and education were also curtailed.

Local singer was murdered on Sunday

On Sunday, a local singer from Andrab in Afghanistan was shot dead by a rebel group. The news was confirmed by local media outlet Aswaka News quoting former Home Minister Masood Andarabi. As the Taliban took control of Afghanistan on August 15, people are doing everything they can to escape the regime of the extremist Islamist group.

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