Every day ‘game of death’ in Afghanistan, Taliban failed to deal with IS and NRF

Afghanistan has been facing constant troubles after coming under Taliban rule. Here it is proving difficult for the Taliban to stop the National Resistance Force and the Islamic State-Khorasan Province. As a result, a large number of people died. However, the Taliban consistently denies that IS does not exist and any threat there. But the group’s attacks on mosques, schools and cars tell a different story. Violence in Afghanistan has risen steadily since the Taliban took over in August last year.

Talking about the figures, here in the month of August 366 people have lost their lives in terrorist incidents. This was much higher than the 244 deaths in July. Earlier in June 367 people and in May 391 people lost their lives in similar incidents. In August, 77 common people lost their lives, while in July the number was 68. On August 17, 21 people were killed, including a well-known religious leader, Mulla Amir Mohammad Kabuli. In Kabul, 33 people were injured in the attack on the Abu Bakr Mosque. Although no one claimed responsibility for this attack, but seeing the manner of the attack, it was estimated that IS was involved in it.

Along with all these incidents, the internal conflict of Taliban has also proved to be a problem for him. On August 27, three Taliban members were killed in an internal Taliban conflict. The incident took place in Tala wa Barfak district of Baglam province. On August 21, a Taliban member was killed and another was injured in a similar incident in Panjshir. According to Afghan ministry claims, the man killed was a rebel commander, Maulvi Mehdi Mujahid, who broke away from the Taliban to form a new faction.

In August, IS killed 45 Taliban and wounded 120 in 12 attacks in Kabul, Kunar and Nangarhar provinces. At the same time, the National Resistance Front is also a big challenge for the Taliban. On 26 August, NRF commander Khalid was urging the Amiri people to unite against the Taliban. He said that the Taliban is a terrorist organization. It also supported sanctions against the regional and international Taliban.

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