Emotional post of Raju Srivastava’s daughter in the name of Amitabh Bachchan, said- ‘Uncle stood in difficult times’

Raju Srivastava is no more with us but he will always be in the hearts of fans through his work. He was hospitalized for about 40 days and said goodbye to the world on 21 September. On the death of Raju, stars from TV and film world paid tribute to him. Amitabh Bachchan had a big role in his life. He considered her as his role model. His act was often inspired by Amitabh. On the death of Raju, Amitabh expressed grief in his blog. Now Raju’s daughter Antara has written a post in the name of the actor.

Photos of Raju and Amitabh together

From Raju’s social media page, his daughter has shared many pictures in which Amitabh and Raju are together. In one of the photos, Raju’s entire family is standing on the stage with Big B. Antara wrote that she thanks the veteran actor who supported her in such a difficult time. He told that his father considered Amitabh as his guru and was involved in his life.

thank you amitabh

Antara writes, ‘Very grateful to Mr. Amitabh Bachchan uncle for being with us every single day during this difficult time. Your prayers have given us strength and support that we will always remember. You are my father’s ideal, inspiration, love and mentor. When dad saw you on the big screen for the first time, you lived inside him forever. He not only followed you on screen but also off screen.

The number was saved in the name of ‘Guruji’

He had saved your number in his contact in the name of Guruji. You were completely settled inside Papa. His body reacted after listening to your audio clip which showed what you meant to him. My mother Shikha, brother Ayushmann, me and my entire family will be thankful to you. The love and appreciation he has received globally is all because of you. Warm regards to you.

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Heart attack came during workout

Let us inform that Raju Srivastava was admitted to AIIMS, Delhi on August 10. He was working out in a hotel when he had a heart attack. Since then he was admitted in the hospital. During this, Amitabh had sent an audio message in his voice. It was narrated to him on the advice of doctors. Hearing that audio message, there was a reaction in his body.

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