Eknath Shinde overshadows Uddhav Thackeray in Dussehra powershow

Ravan Dahan was done on Wednesday on the occasion of Dussehra across the country, but in the politics of Maharashtra it was like a power show between two factions of Shiv Sena. There was a competition between the Uddhav Thackeray group and the Eknath Shinde group, from gathering maximum crowd to breaking each other’s people. However, in this race, Eknath Shinde seems to be taking the lead. Even the Uddhav Thackeray faction has admitted that there were more people in Eknath Shinde’s rally. But he said that by the time Eknath Shinde stood up to speak, more than half the people had left. The Thackeray faction claims that 2.5 lakh people attended his rally at Shivaji Park, while the Eknath Shinde faction’s rally at BKC Ground reached 3 lakh people.

Police say that 1 lakh people were in Uddhav Thackeray’s rally, while 2 lakh people attended the call of Eknath Shinde. Shivaji Park has a capacity of 80 thousand people, while the BKC ground can hold 1 lakh people. In such a situation, the claim of the police seems closer to the truth. Eknath Shinde has also made a big dent in Uddhav Thackeray’s family. With this, he tried to give a message that not only the party but the Thackeray family is also not standing with Uddhav in solidarity. Uddhav Thackeray’s elder brother Jaidev Thackeray was also seen on the stage of Eknath Shinde. Apart from this, his wife Smita Thackeray and son Nihar Thackeray also appeared on the Chief Minister’s stage.

Uddhav’s brother praised Shinde fiercely, told that he is hardworking like a farmer

In this way, many members of the Thackeray family were present on the stage of Eknath Shinde. Anand Dighe has been considered by Eknath Shinde as his guru and his sister was also called on stage by Eknath Shinde. Eknath Shinde tried to send a message by making Jaidev Thackeray sit next to him that even today he has full penetration in the Thackeray family. During this, Jaidev Thackeray praised Eknath Shinde from the stage and described him as hardworking like a farmer. He said that I was getting calls for many days that I should come here. I didn’t want to join any group, but have come here. He said that Eknath Shinde is very hardworking. We don’t have to leave them alone.

Shinde said from the stage with Uddhav’s brother- Thackeray family is still there

Eknath Shinde also played the Thane card during this period. Recalling Anand Dighe’s sister Aruna Gadkari’s relationship with his mentor, Eknath Shinde said that he always wanted that one day the CM would become Thane. In this rally, Eknath Shinde also put Smita Thackeray and Jaidev’s son Nihar on the stage. He said that even today I have the support of the Thackeray family. Not only this, Thapa, who was close to Uddhav Thackeray, was also given a place on the stage by Eknath Shinde.

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