Earlier only statements used to come on terror attacks, now India also responds like US: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who reached Karnataka, targeted the opposition fiercely on the issue of border security. He said that earlier only statement was issued when there was a terrorist attack, but now the situation has changed. Shah said that India now acts like the US and Israel against those interfering on the border. During this, he informed that the government is preparing a database to monitor hawala, terrorist activities.

Shah attended several programs in Bangalore. He criticized the old Congress government for laxity in security measures. “Earlier, whenever terrorist attacks were carried out by Pakistan-backed extremists, India only used to issue statements, but things have changed after Narendra Modi became the PM. Earlier, only America and Israel used to answer those who interfere with their border and army. Now India has also joined this group.

He said that after Narendra Modi became the PM, there were terrorist attacks in Uri (2016) and Pulwama (2019). Shah said, “We responded with surgical strikes and air strikes inside Pakistan within 10 days… Some people questioned how it had any effect. I tell them it has a lot of impact. Now the whole world knows that no one can interfere on Indian borders, otherwise a befitting reply will be given.

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In the inaugural program of the National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID), Shah told that the government is preparing a national database to monitor hawala transactions, terrorist financing and related activities, counterfeit currency, narcotics, bomb threats and illegal arms smuggling. , because the government has a ‘zero tolerance policy’ against terrorism.