Dragon raging on Taiwan issue, now sanctions announced on Nancy Pelosi: Report

The ruckus over US Senator Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is not taking its name to stop. China has warned him on this move of America. Also, since the past, Taiwan has been conducting missile tests near the border. Now China has announced sanctions against Nancy Pelosi. On the other hand, Nancy Pelosi attacked China furiously. Said that he cannot stop the leaders of America from going to Taiwan.

The interference of any foreign country on the Taiwan issue is not being embraced by China, which claims Taiwan as its part. Ever since US Senator Nancy Pelosi has visited Taiwan and spoken of America’s support to the country. Since then China has got chilli. China has been conducting missile tests near the Taiwan border for the past days, provoked by Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. It is warning of war by flying its fighter jet inside the Taiwan border.

Announcement of sanctions on Pelosi

China’s Foreign Ministry on Friday announced sanctions against US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The ministry said Pelosi seriously interfered with China’s internal affairs with his visit and attempted to seriously undermine China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and that China would “impose sanctions on Pelosi and his immediate family”. However, China did not share much information on the sanctions.

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