Donald Trump accused of theft of votes, if legal votes are counted then I am winning election

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Counting of votes for the US presidential election continues. Democrat candidate Joe Biden is very close to the majority figure and Trump is trailing behind him. Although it may take a long time for the final results to come, Trump and Biden are constantly claiming their victories. While Biden leads with 264 votes in the electoral vote, on the other, Ore Donald Trump has just 214 electoral votes. Amid countering, President Donald Trump has again claimed his victory from the White House, accusing opponents of stealing votes. They have said that if valid votes are counted then I will win the election.

Addressing a press conference at the White House, Republican nominee and current President Donald Trump said, “If you count valid votes, I’m winning comfortably.” But if you count illegal (mail in ballots) votes, then they (Democrats) can try to snatch victory from us (America). I have already won many big states with decisive odds.

According to news agency ANI, Donald Trump said, ‘We believe that we will win these elections quite easily. However, it will take a lot of court rounds because we have a lot of evidence and it will probably end in the biggest court of the country. We cannot allow an election to be stolen like this.

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He further said, ‘I have claimed some states and he (Joe Biden) is claiming states. We can claim both states, but ultimately I think the judges will have to give the verdict. Let us tell you that Trump’s campaign calls for the counting of votes in Nevada, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan. President Trump is alleged to have been fraudulent in the elections.

What is the result of the results now
Two days after the election, no candidate has yet won the necessary votes to win. But Biden has reached the 264 mark after winning in decisive states Wisconsin and Michigan. Donald Trump has received 214 electoral college votes. The path to the current president, however, is tough as Trump will have to win the remaining four ‘Battleground’ states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada to reach the magical figure of 270. Battlegrounds are called states where the trend is unclear. A clear win requires at least 270 electoral college votes to become the winner out of 538 electoral college members.

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