Doctor tied the dog to the car and dragged it for 5 kms, FIR registered on Maneka Gandhi’s call; video viral

A video of a doctor from Jodhpur dragging a dog with a rope and dragging him out of the car is going viral. It is being told that the dog had entered the doctor’s house, outraged by this, the doctor did so. During this, some bike riders saved the dog’s life and lodged an FIR against the doctor.

what is the whole matter

It is being told that when the dog entered Dr Rajneesh Galwa’s house, he tied the dog with a plastic rope and dragged the dog from his car for 5 kms. Meanwhile, the bike riders coming behind Dr Rajneesh’s car stopped the car and reprimanded Dr. The youth took the stray dog ​​by ambulance to the veterinary hospital. There the bleeding dog was treated.

Case registered on Maneka Gandhi’s phone call

Dr Rajneesh Galwa first called his doctor colleagues on the spot and started lashing out at the youths. Meanwhile, the youths lodged a complaint against Dr Rajneesh Galwa at Shastri Nagar police station. Police was not registering FIR against Dr Rajneesh Galwa.

Meanwhile, the youths informed Maneka Gandhi about the matter in Delhi. When Maneka Gandhi called the police station officer of Shastri Nagar police station, an FIR was registered against Dr. Rajneesh Galwa under animal cruelty. The doctors who carried out such acts are posted in SN Medical College. He is a plastic surgeon.

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