Didn’t get citizenship: 800 Hindu families returned to Pakistan because of this, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy said – a matter of shame for the Center


About eight hundred Hindu families came to India to escape the atrocities happening in Pakistan. In 2011, the Congress-led UPA government had decided to grant long-term visa (LTV) to people living in Pakistan who were facing religious persecution. During that time, hundreds of people from Hindu and Sikh communities had come to India. Even after a decade, those people could not get Indian citizenship. Although he made a lot of rounds of government offices to get citizenship, but things did not work out. Eight hundred Hindu families were forced to go back to Pakistan. This claim has been made by the Frontier Lok Sangathan (SLS), an organization that raises voice for the rights of Pakistani minority migrants in India. Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy said on this issue, it is a matter of shame for the central government.


No action on CAA

Subramanian Swamy wrote in one of his tweets on Monday, what a shame this is for the Central Government of the BJP. Nearly 800 victims of human rights violations in Pakistan, who came here hoping to become Indian citizens, have been deceived by the Modi government’s non-action on the CAA. Very sad he went back to Pakistan. In Rajasthan, the Frontier Lok Sangathan said, these people had made a lot of effort to get citizenship. The application for citizenship had been made. After that, when no progress was seen in this matter, he was forced to return to Pakistan. According to the Frontier Lok Sangathan, these people returned in the year 2021.

India is investigating online system

Those who have now gone to Pakistan are being treated worse than ever there. The organization’s president Hindu Singh said, Pakistani agencies use them to defame India. They spread false propaganda about India. People who have returned to Pakistan are made to stand in front of the media and forcibly make them say that they have been treated badly there. After this Pakistan tries to malign India’s image by presenting that news of the media in various international forums. On the other hand, after this news came in the media, the Union Home Ministry is investigating the online system started for citizenship.

Frontier Lok Sangathan, an advocate for the rights of Pakistani minority migrants in the country, says the Indian government’s online portal does not accept Pakistani passports that have expired. In such a situation, those who have to take citizenship, the only option left with them is to get their passport renewed by paying a hefty amount to the Pakistan High Commission. According to Hindu Singh, the people who came from Pakistan did not have enough financial resources to spend one and a half lakh rupees for renewal of passports of eight and nine members of the family.