Did You Know: How are pillars of a bridge made in a river full of water? Technology will surprise

Have you ever wondered how bridges are made in the middle of a river or sea? You must have seen that the bridge on the river remains stable with the help of pillars. But, the big question is, how are these pillars erected amidst the flow of the river? What methods are used to build a bridge across a river? Today we are going to give you answers to such questions. By reading this, you will be able to understand that what are the problems engineers have to face while making pillars in the middle of the river and then how it is solved. Let’s know…

First of all, know that there are many types of bridges built over the river. Beam Bridge, Suspension Bridge, Arch Bridge are built between the rivers. Long research is done related to making pillared bridges. During this, information is gathered about the depth of water, speed of water flow, quality of soil under water, load during construction of bridge and load of vehicles after bridge is ready. The work of building the bridge starts only after the research is completed.

Understand the process of laying the foundation

To build a bridge, it is necessary to make a foundation. Keeping in mind the entire project, a plan is prepared beforehand regarding the foundation. It is known that the foundation placed in the middle of the water is called cofferdam. These are made by means of large plates of steel which have different sizes. The cofferdam is placed in the middle of the water, allowing the water to flow to the surrounding. After some time, the bottom soil becomes visible in this cofferdam. After this, the work of making pillars starts there. Engineers can go inside it and work.

Pits are made at marked places

Here it is to be kept in mind that when the water is very deep, a bridge cannot be built through cofferdam. In such a situation, some points are made under the ground by first researching there, where the soil is good and the land is suitable for making pillars. After this pits are made at the marked places and then pipes are inserted in them from top to bottom. In this way the water is taken out. After the water is drained out, cement etc. is filled in the pipe. Many such pipes together make a pillar. It is known that while building a bridge, more than half of the work is going on at another site, where the blocks of the bridge are prepared. After this, a bridge is made by setting blocks between one pillar to another.

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