Demand to make Diwali a national holiday in America, woman MP Grace Meng brought bill

Demand to make Diwali a national holiday in America, woman MP Grace Meng brought bill

A prominent American lawmaker presented a special bill in the US Congress on Friday. In this, he has demanded to declare Diwali, the festival of lights, as a national holiday. Various communities across the country have welcomed his move. During the virtual press conference after presenting the bill in the House of Representatives, female MP Grace Meng said that a large number of people around the world celebrate the festival of Diwali. In America too it is a special day for countless families.

Where will you get a wonderful message

Diwali Day Act will be declared as the 12th national holiday of America after it is passed in the US Parliament and signed by the President. Grace said families and friends would be allowed to celebrate together once Diwali is declared a national holiday. This will also send a message that the government values ​​the cultural diversity of the country. He further said that there is a great atmosphere in Queens on Diwali. Every year it can be seen how important this day is for many people. Grace said the experience drawn from different cultures and communities is America’s strength.

America’s people have to tell the importance of this day

Grace Meng said that my Diwali Day Act is an effort to convey the importance of this day to all Americans. Now I hope that this bill is passed by the Congress as soon as possible. Welcoming the move, New York Assemblywoman Jennifer Rajkumar said, “This year we have seen our entire state speak in unison in support of Diwali and recognition of the South Asian community. Along with this, he also praised Meng and said that she is taking her movement to make Diwali a national holiday at the national level. Jennifer said that we are also showing that Diwali is an American holiday. The government is watching and listening to the more than 4 million Americans celebrating Diwali.

Celebration in the American Hindu community

There is an atmosphere of celebration in the Hindu community living in America regarding this. Rhea Chakraborty, policy director of Hindus for Human Rights, said that as Hindu Americans, we are very happy to see this Diwali bill. At the same time, Dr. Neeta Jain, founder and president of the International Nonviolence Foundation, said that it is the right time to recognize Diwali as a holiday in American public schools. He said that our children should be treated equally. Our kids celebrate other cultures. Others should also celebrate and learn about our culture. This is the only way we can teach children to mutual respect, mutual understanding and mutual acceptance.

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