Delhi minister Satyendar Jain again filed a petition in the court, demanding to be given ‘traditional food’ in the jail

Jailed Aam Aadmi Party leader Satyendar Jain on Monday filed a petition in the Rouse Avenue court seeking a direction to the Tihar authorities to provide food items according to their religious beliefs. The petition is likely to come up for hearing on Tuesday before Special Judge Vikas Dhul. The petition has also sought a direction to the jail authorities to conduct a medical examination of Jain. Advocate Mohammad Irshad said that Jain was not being provided basic food and medical facilities inside the jail.

The petition alleged that since the day of his arrest on May 31, the minister has not been able to visit the Jain temple. Being a religious observer, Satyendar Jain is often on a religious fast. He is not eating cooked food, food made of pulses, cereals and milk. The petition claimed that he is a staunch follower of Jainism. For the past six months, he has been surviving only on fruits, vegetables, seeds and dry fruits or dates. He was buying it from his quota of ration available to all prisoners.

It has been said in the petition that there has been a huge decline in the health of Satyendar Jain. He has a serious spinal injury which is being treated at LNJP Hospital. Jain also has a problem with his lungs, which is a post-Covid symptom. For the last 12 days, the jail administration has stopped providing them basic food items as per their religious beliefs. Jail authorities have stopped giving fruits or vegetables, mixed seeds, dry fruits and dates to Jain.

Since the Jains are on a religious fast for the last six months. In such a situation, food items should be made available to them according to their religion and health. There is a danger of protein and iron deficiency in his body. The petition contended that banning food items during religious fasting is an oppressive measure. The petition alleged that Jain was being kept hungry by the jail authorities. They are also not being given nutrition according to their health. The applicant is entitled to the said basic food item considering his religious beliefs and fasting. However, the court is likely to hear this petition on Tuesday.

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