Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said – 12-14 thousand corona cases can come daily, reasons given

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Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said that in the coming days, between 12 and 14 thousand cases of corona infection can come every day. This will happen due to festive season and cold. He said this in response to a question on the rate of rising infection in Delhi. He said but there is nothing to worry about. The government is taking all necessary steps to deal with it.

Talking on Kovid Health Bulletin in Delhi, Satyendra Jain was asked when more than 4 thousand infection cases are coming in Delhi for two consecutive days. Satyendar Jain said that it is the season of the festival. People’s activity has increased. It was already feared because the expert committee in its report has already cited up to 15 thousand cases of corona infection every day, citing cold and festival.

On the question of reducing the infection, he said that we are increasing the number of containment zones. In order to prevent infected people from getting out. Along with this, we are focusing on surveillance and contact tracing. If any one person happens in the family, then everything is being investigated. There are cases in which the whole family is getting infected. This is also a reason for increasing infection. The infection can be prevented only by checking and isolating the infected. Investigation on this is being done at a fast pace in Delhi.

Corona case being staged in Delhi in 70 days
The dabbling rate of corona cases at present in Delhi is 70 days. He appealed to the people to apply masks and follow the rules of social distancing until the corona vaccine or medicine comes. Satyendra Jain said that the death rate of the last 10 days in the capital is 0.94% and so far the total is 1.77%. Jain said that the corona will not end until there is no medicine. Only rescue is its way. On breaking the rules, he said that a team has been set up for him. Action is being taken strictly.

MCD has money to install hoardings, not to pay salaries: Satyendra Jain
Health minister Satyendra Jain has attacked BJP-ruled MCD with doctors of Hindu Rao Hospital sitting on indefinite hunger strike for not getting salary for several months. He said that MCD has money to install hoardings. But Kovid does not have the money to pay the salaries of doctors doing good work. He has demanded that the Municipal Corporation should pay the salary in this case at the earliest. Satyendra Jain said that MCDs do not know where they spend money. This time, they have reached a limit.

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