Delhi Aiims: Delhi AIIMS server not started even after 36 hours, this is how OPD patients will be treated

Even after 36 hours of cyber attack, the server of AIIMS Delhi could not be started till Thursday evening. Due to this the functioning of the hospital was badly affected. However, keeping in view the convenience of the patients, AIIMS has given guidelines for offline functioning.
As per the new SOP of AIIMS, admission, discharge and transfer of patients to the hospital were done manually. Birth and death certificates will also be made offline only. Under the new guidelines, only essential samples are being sent for testing. The recruitment of patients is also being registered on offline papers. At present, due to server down, OPD, sample service, payment, report sending etc. are not being done online. Now this work is being done offline without saving on the server. This has slowed down the work.

patient still worried

Due to the server being down, the hospitalized patients are also facing problems in getting discharged after recovery. It is not known how much they have to pay. However, some patients have been discharged like this. Examination of patients has also been affected due to server down. Due to the non-operation of the barcode facility, there was a problem in checking the samples of the patients. Only necessary tests were done.

Team of experts engaged:

The cyber expert team of National Informatics Center (NIC) kept trying to recover the data for about 36 hours. According to information received from AIIMS, not only the main server of the institute, but also the backup server has been compromised. The files on both the servers of the hospital are badly corrupted. The second backup server at the Dental Education and Research Center of AIIMS could not be breached. After this, the NIC team disconnected the second backup server from the network so that it would not be compromised. After this, the backup started at 6.30 pm on Wednesday evening and it could not be completed even till Thursday evening.

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