Cyclonic storm ‘Nirvana’ will take a huge form in a few hours, know how it got its name

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According to information from the Indian Meteorological Department, cyclonic storm ‘Nirvana’ is going to be seen in its macular form in the next few hours. It is being told that cyclonic storm ‘Nivaran’ is hitting the coast between Tamil Nadu and Puducherry after midnight on Thursday. It is feared that the speed of the storm will be 120-130 km per hour amidst strong rains, which may increase to 145 km per hour. Let me tell you, Nirvana is the second major storm this year from the Bay of Bengal. Earlier in May, there was a storm named Amfan.

How did it get the name ‘Nirvana’
This name has been suggested by cyclone Hurricane ‘Nirvana’ from Iran. It is the third name used in the list of names released for cyclones that arose from the North Indian Ocean in 2020. Prevention means prevention.

Why are cyclones named
Each cyclone is named one. Naming cyclones helps to identify each cyclone differently in the scientific community, disaster managers, media, and the general public. Because of this, it helps in spreading awareness among the people and to spread the warnings related to the cyclone to the people on a large scale. If two cyclones occur in a region at the same time, there is no confusion in such a situation because of their name. Which cyclone is being talked about can be easily understood.

What are the criteria to be followed while naming a cyclone?
– The proposed names associated with the cyclone should not be based on any political party, personality, religion, culture and gender.
– The name of the cyclone should be such that it does not hurt the feeling of any group or class.
– Do not be too cruel or harsh to hear the name of the cyclone.
– The name of the cyclone should be short and easily spoken and should not be objectionable to any member countries.
– The name of the cyclone should be only 8 letters of English.

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